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The Daily Hilario: We've done it before

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with extra celebrations.

Julian Finney

We've done it before,
we've done it befoooooooooore...
Champions of Europe,
we've done it before.

What a chant; what a night.

In other news...

Jon Bois on REF RAGE | SB Nation
This is required reading. Jon examines ref rage in the context of March Madness, but, boy howdy, the concepts and findings sure seem applicable to other sports,

UConn win all the basketball | SB Nation
A day after winning the men's tournament, UConn wins the women's tournament, too. I guess they're pretty good at this basketball thing up there in the northeast.

Here's the official World Cup song | SB Nation
Another Pitbull special. And by special I mean utter dreck. Hurrrrrrgh. Back to listening to Stromae.

The RAFALUCIÓN has not been kind to Hamšík | SB Nation
I know just the solution. Come to Daddy Mourinho.

Here are the plans for the Battersea Power Station site | The Verge
There are big name architects attached to the Malaysian developers' project, but it would've looked so much better with a badass stadium in there. (h/t: Coutinho's English Tutor)

Bruce Bennett picks his 10 favorite hockey photos | Getty
This guy has shot NHL and other hockey games for longer than most of us have been alive. Quality stuff.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
19.45: Champions League, quarterfinal second leg: Atlético Madrid vs. Barcelona (1-1 agg.)
19.45: Champions League, quarterfinal second leg: Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United (1-1 agg.)

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