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Chelsea 2 - PSG 0: Initial reaction and community rating form happened again!

Julian Finney

I had a whole reaction written, as I was plugging away at it throughout the second half. Then, Demba Ba happened. Demba. [Fun]ing. Ba. That win just paid your entire transfer fee and more as far as I'm concerned. Well done lad, enjoy some strawberry syrup this evening.

The 2012 comeback over Napoli was incredible, and tonight's win was every bit as exciting as that legendary result. Regardless of whether or not this group goes on to make it three straight years with European silverware, this has been an awful lot of fun.


  • I hate the crossbar.
  • Without knowing the specifics of Eden Hazard's injury, the first thing that popped into my head is the amount of time he's spent on the pitch this season (having seen the replay now, it looks like it was actually an impact injury caused by a Jallet kick). Hopefully it's nothing serious, but we should be fine without him for the next several weekends.
  • The PSG calls for a card against Samuel Eto'o after Thiago SIlva got stepped on seemed excessive. When defenders dive under attackers in an attempt to make a last ditch tackle, sometimes you're going to get stepped on.
  • I love the games when world class David Luiz turns up instead of the destroyer of happiness. We should just shoot the latter to the moon already.
  • The refereeing in this game was much, much better than it was in the first leg. He was probably a bit too free with the cards tonight, but he was consistent throughout the match.
  • Marco Verratti is easily one of the most overrated players on the planet. I've never seen a performance against a side producing any midfield pressure where he looked particularly comfortable, despite his fantastic passing when he's given space. Here's hoping Arsenal are serious about spending a large amount of money to add him to their midfield.
  • I get the fan Edinson Cavani isn't the biggest fan of playing against David Luiz. Maybe he should just force a transfer to Chelsea so that it's not an issue anymore.
  • I love the Champions League. The Premier League is awesome, but nights like this are what make knockout competitions so amazing.
  • Here's hoping Ashley Cole isn't too rusty, as we're going to need him in the next leg. That yellow card for Branislav Ivanovic means he'll miss the next match.

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