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PSG's desire to dominate could play into Chelsea's hands

Julian Finney

The scariest part about trying to chase a match against Paris Saint-Germain is their ability to kill the midfield game and then spring fast counterattacks through their absurdly quick wingers and lethal forwards. And with Chelsea 3-1 down from the first leg in France... well, things aren't looking too great on that front.

But fortunately, Laurent Blanc isn't coming to London to try to hit us on the counter:

But we've not come here to let Chelsea dominate us and make us suffer. Our best approach is to create chances. We don't want them dictating the game. If you have seen, us, though, you will know our philosophy is that we like to keep the ball and pose problems. But if we want to be a top European side we have to be able to put this into practice away as well as at home. We believe in certain things. Taking the game to the opposition is the best way to win trophies.

-Source: Mirror.

It's hard not to read that as good news. When teams come to attack Chelsea at Stamford Bridge recently, they've been horribly, horribly dismantled. We managed to score ten goals in two matches against Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, who both misguidedly tried to control the match, and although PSG are significantly better than either, we'd be in far worse shape if they were content to sit deep and counterattack.

Blanc's need for his side to prove themselves is playing into our hands. I'm not confident about progression, but I'm more confident than I was before I read those quotes.

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