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Brace yourselves for BS: noted Mourinho-critic's new book comes out Thursday

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Denis Doyle

Prepare to hear the following accusation repeatedly thrown at Chelsea, Chelsea fans, and Chelsea's manager for the foreseeable future:

"You're traitors. I asked you not to speak with anyone about the team selection but you've betrayed me. It shows that you're not on my side. You're sons of bitches.  The only friend I have in this dressing room is Granero . . . and I'm not even sure that I can trust him any more. You've left me all on my own. You're the most treacherous squad I've had in my life. Nothing more than sons of bitches."

"If I’m in Vietnam and I see you laugh at a mate, I’d grab a gun with my own hands and kill you. Now it’s you yourselves who have to look for the one that leaked the line-up."

-The Times

The quote ("quote") comes from Diego Torres's new book, loving entitled 'The Dark Side of Jose Mourinho,' dropping on April 10 in paperback and for Kindle.  It's probably fair to say that it will not paint a positive picture of The Special One.  Quite the opposite, I'm sure.  Here's the full book except, as published by The Times.

"But is there a darker side to the Mourinho? A mischievous, scheming, even tyrannical quality to the man beneath the veneer of charm?"


Probably?  Nice guys tend to finish last.

Perhaps we should give the author credit for going slightly less sensational than the last time when he called his review of Mourinho's tenure at Real Madrid 'Prepare to Lose.' While that book came out not too long ago - October, to be exact - Sr. Torres has to strike the Jose-iron while it's still hot in Spain.

You might remember the big bombshell out of that book about Jose supposedly "sobbing" when he found out that Sir Alex Ferguson picked David Moyes instead of him as the next captain of the Titanic.  Mourinho dismissed all these stories as fabrications, but a large part of the football world believes them to be true nonetheless.

"I think the person who wrote that book shouldn't write books. He should write books for kids using his imagination."

"I am where I want to be. I want to go nowhere else. I have the job I want to have, I don't have another job."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Sky

Torres writes for El País, a Madrid-based outlet with whom Mourinho repeatedly clashed during his time in Spain, mostly over the constant flow of insider information.  I don't claim to be privy to all the details of this situation, but it's worth noting that Sunderland just banned The Sun for a similar breach of trust.  (The Sun, as you'd expect, didn't respond by tucking tail.)  Ethics, man, ethics.

Yes, everybody lies.  Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle. Then again, when it's Real Madrid beat-writer and noted Mourinho-critic Diego Torres behind the words, there is no middle.

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