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Mourinho willing to risk Eto'o against PSG, if the risk is minimal

Unfortunately, we're probably looking at Fernando Torres in a crucial match, where we need more than one goal

Clive Rose

Jose Mourinho confirmed that Samuel Eto'o wasn't healthy enough to train on Sunday, but refused to rule him out of action against PSG. He also noted that he'd have liked to get him some action in our 3-0 victory over Stoke, but that Eto'o wasn't ready for that match either:

"I wanted Eto'o to be on the bench on Saturday and play 15 or 20 minutes, but he was not fit enough. He did not train with the team on Sunday, so we will have to see."

"Maybe I will pick him, but to risk a player, you need to have minimum conditions to take that risk. If you think he's going to be out after 10 minutes of the game, you can't take that risk. If there is a minimum of conditions of risk, then yes."

With the length of time that Eto'o has been out, I can't imagine we'll see the Cameroonian start the game against PSG. There's just no way he'll be fit enough to go the full 90 minutes, and probably not quite fit enough to avoid a very early substitution. I really hope he's fit enough to start on the bench, and come in based on need at some point during the second half.

Unfortunately, this likely means another start for the out of form Fernando Torres, as Andre Schurrle wasn't particularly dangerous in that role, and the manager seems uninterested in letting Demba Ba anywhere near the pitch. Maybe it's time to break out the mask...

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