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Arsene Wenger is scared of Romelu Lukaku

With Chelsea taking care of business on Saturday, attentions turn to Sunday's dueling Liverpudlian clashes. And now back to Arsène Wenger, quaking in his boots.

Paul Thomas

Few things help me bask in the glow of a terrific Chelsea win more than sour grapes from our ol'e buddy Arsène Wenger.  Sing us a song, you're the Zipperman!

"Look, I believe if you want to continue the loan system, we have to make them available against the teams that loan them, or the system is not defendable.  It's just a protection of the clubs who loan the players out to hurt the opponents and they have no risk at all."

Well now, let's see, who's Arsène playing against tomorrow?  Could it be Everton?  The Everton side that relies heavily on one Romelu Lukaku?  Could he be any more obvious?

"I don't make it a Chelsea thing at all... the system is for Chelsea like for Arsenal and everybody else."

Oh right, not a Chelsea thing at all.  Funny how he didn't whinge about the loan system when he faced the same Everton team under more advantageous circumstances (read: FA Cup) or when he faced other Liverpudlian teams with loanees of a lesser quality in their squad (read: Victor Moses at Liverpool).  Or when he took Yossi Benayoun on loan from Chelsea.  Or when he wanted to take Demba Ba on loan from Chelsea.  Or when he loaned Emmanuel Frimpong or Ryo Miyaichi to Premier League oppositon.  Or...

Definitely not a Chelsea thing at all.

But it's ok, I understand.  Without his tentacles, Lukaku is less mythical beast and more bad-ass, all-too-real nightmare to haunt you even in your waking moments.  I'd be scared, too.

Wenger's urging for open debate about loan system reform is not a bad call in and of itself - B-teams, anyone? - but his timing is giving me the giggles.


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