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Chelsea have £50m to spend, won't sell best players

The manager calls nonsense on all this talk of Hazard, Oscar, David Luiz leaving.

Ian Walton

How will we buy that striker we so dearly need?  Not by selling our best players, that's for sure.

One of Jose Mourinho's overarching themes this season has been stability.  Stability at the club, stability at the manager's position, stability in personnel.  So when the question of summer reinforcements as the next step in Chelsea's evolution/rebuilding process popped at today's press conference, Jose did not deviate from the script.

"We'll do that with stability, not by changing 12 to 14 players every season. What is stability? It's to keep the best players you have and the structure you are trying to build. Part of the evolution is based on the stability and part is based on bringing in a couple of players in the transfer windows, like we did in the last one and like what we will try to do in the summer."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

The manager was specifically asked about Oscar, Eden Hazard, and David Luiz and he made it sound like all three are part of the stability he's looking for ahead of next season.

When asked about spending specifics, Mourinho reiterated his plans of bringing in one or two players, which our transfer budget of £50m should easily allow.

"I think Chelsea can [spend £30-50m] on one player.  That's the work Chelsea is doing.  I think Chelsea can't [spend £30-50m] on four-five players for a reinvestment of £200-250m."

-Jose Mourinho; source: press conference

Obviously plans can and do change in football.  And it's not like the manager's words have stopped the rumor mill from swirling their toxic goo with reckless abandon before.  But it's nice to know that we have a sound plan, that we are not panicking, and that we continue to stick to the Emenalo Doctrine:  1.) Buy only the best player(s) available; 2.) Mine the youth prospects for that one brilliant diamond.

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