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Once a Blue, Forever Blue: adidas launch the new 2014/15 Chelsea kit

If this video doesn't get you excited, please check your pulse.

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Ready, set, spend! It's kit launch day; get hyped! And it looks like we have another instant classic on our hands.

Last year, adidas had us all pretending we're suffering from the worst case of colorblindness ("it's not white/black, it's blue"). Whoever wrote that nonsense has obviously been designated for a different assignment, as this year we get a much more sensible slogan - "Once a Blue, Forever Blue" - and a slightly less messy kit launch video that gets a very Special narrator even.

Gone are the buckets and basins of paint; replaced by plaster casts of "flashes of brilliance." Petr Cech's penalty save in the Champions League final. Fernando Torres's celebration in the Europa League final. Oscar's goal heard round the world against Juventus. A Gary Cahill pirouette. Wait, what?

Trading the vertical stripes and the v-neck of this year's shirt for horizontal stripes and a crew neck, adidas have stuck to the basics of what makes a great Chelsea home shirt. Blue on blue and the three stripes. Blue shorts. White socks. That amazing badge.

Forever Blue, indeed.

NB: Petr Cech / Thibaut Courtois (cross out as appropriate) will be wearing all red. Just like the Chelsea pensioners.

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