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Eden Hazard: Chelsea play like Real Madrid

Here is what Eden Hazard actually said after the Atlético match.

Clive Rose

You may seen some disconcerting post-match quotes from Eden Hazard making their way across Twitter and the Internet.  Here's one example:

BOOM!  And if there's one thing we learned last summer, BOOM is the best indicator of a sure thing, right Edinson Cavani?

Now before you do something extreme like burn your Hazard shirt or give yourself a heart attack by recalling that one time Hazard happened to give a post-match interview in the PSG shirt for which he swapped his Chelsea shirt after the first leg in Paris, here's the actual quote with some badly needed context.

The important part is in the middle.

Eden Hazard may have had an off day. He may have been limited by his recent injury, especially after the first half hour. But he did not backstab the team and his manager as the original quote appeared to suggest.

As our best player this season, he knows exactly what Chelsea are best at.  Unsurprisingly, it's what Jose Mourinho's previous team are best at as well.

Onward to the future!

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