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Chelsea 1 - 3 Atletico Madrid: Initial Reaction, Disappointment

Double trouble.
Double trouble.
Jamie McDonald

It was looking good for some time.  Most of the first half in fact.

But then all downhill from the minute we conceded the equalizer in first half added-on time.  Three defenders shut down and ball-watched as the cross bounded across the six-yard box.  Maybe Hazard could've done more to challenge the cross, though it was quite an acrobatic effort to begin with on Juanfran's part.

That defensive breakdown was followed by another, but not before Samuel Eto'o gave away a penalty by fouling Diego Costa at the edge of the box.

These things happen I suppose.

There are two games left in the season.  Anything can happen still in the Premier League.

While it was a disappointing result and performance tonight, you'd be well advised to try to remain reasonable in your reactions.  I'm not exactly in a good mood; no one is.  But let's have a therapy session instead of a shouting match.



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