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Chelsea-Cavani link flares up again

Mike Hewitt

We're just a day or two away from the traditional start of silly season, but it looks as though the Mirror have decided to start early -- and with a fairly substantial opening salvo. You don't often get to invoke Chelsea and both Manchester teams in a transfer rumour, but here those oh-so-reliable 'Mirror sources' have come up with a doozy.

Edinson believes he will be a perfect fit in England. He knows that United, Manchester City and Chelsea are all interested and would be happy to talk to any of them. But he also knows United seem the most keen and that is a factor.

-Source: Mirror.

Everyone's going to have plenty of money to spend this summer and if Edinson Cavani really is unhappy about remaining as an understudy to Zlatan Ibrahimovic (which he probably should have thought of before going to Paris Saint-Germain, really), he might well be on the move. But after a summer of misleading Cavani transfer rumours and with the skeptical eye 'Mirror sources' deserve, it's pretty obvious that this is highly, highly speculative and nothing to get one's hopes up over, if indeed you want Cavani around.

Transfer season is fun, but we have bigger fish to fry right now.

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