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Chelsea to donate Stamford Bridge pitch to Aldershot Town

Jamie McDonald

I've never really thought about what happens to the pitch at Stamford Bridge after the season. I mean, I guess I knew that they tend to relay everything over the summer, but where the old pitch ends up isn't someting I've considered before. But thanks to the BBC we know where it'll go, at least after this season: Aldershot Town.

You may remember that name from our efforts to ruin football last summer, when we saved the club from going under by entering a deal to have our youth side play at Aldershot regularly. Now they'll be playing on the Stamford Bridge turf, too -- just relocated.

The mechanics of said relocation sound rather amusing, with a 'fleet of lorries' transporting the hallowed cargo to ESS Stadium. Their own pitch will be auctioned off for charity, which well ok if that's what you're into, fine.

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