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Carragher and Neville provide the masterclass punditry that the Chelsea masterclass at Liverpool truly deserves

As the venerable Deckard Cain used to say, 'sit awhile and listen.' The grownups are talking.

I never thought that I'd say this, but you need to set aside a little over 15 minutes and watch and listen to ex-Liverpool and ex-Manchester United men talk about Chelsea. We've had harsh words for Jamie Carragher before, but I take it all back in light of this new development where apparently he didn't carve out a multi-decade career at the top level of the English game just by his undying, reciprocated love of Liverpool. Is Carragher in danger of actually pulling off a Gary Neville rather than, say, a Tony Gale? My worlds are colliding!

Carragher's emphasis on Chelsea nullifying Liverpool's counter threat - by going direct from all restarts and not risking square passes into the middle - is something I hadn't seen mentioned anywhere else. Considering that we knew that Liverpool were amazing at counters, it's hardly surprising that we opted for such tactics - tactics that Carragher himself talked of using many times before.

Meanwhile, Gary Neville gives us the blueprint on how to break down not only our defense but what we need to do to break down any parked buses that we may face. Considering how bad we've been at that for the last few seasons, we'd do well to pay attention. Note that there's not a single mention of getting the ball wide and crossing aimlessly. There is plenty of talk instead of getting the ball to a center forward who has worked a 1-v-1 opportunity for himself. Hey, I bet we could sign someone to help us out with that!

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