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Andre Schurrle laughs off the haters

Clive Brunskill

Andre Schurrle has had a fairly up and down debut season -- at times he's been utterly magnificent on the pitch but at others he's failed to live up to his potential -- but there can be no doubt that he's integrated with Chelsea Football Club off the pitch. Out of all the signings since the Blues lifted the European Cup in Munich, it's Schurrle who gets this club the best. His comments have always showed a profound understanding of what the fans want from their players, and his post-Liverpool talk is no different.

We felt it was brilliant, a perfect game. We did exactly what we needed to do and what we were told to do. If people say, ‘Chelsea can’t play’ even when we win it’s just because they’re jealous. Winning is what matters. You can play perfect football, lots of one-touch, and you lose. But there’s no point in playing well and losing. If our plan is to win playing this way, and we win, then it’s perfect.

I didn’t get the chance to see what [Mourinho] was like in the dressing room. I didn’t see him – but that was because everybody was jumping about and excited. Everybody thinks we can win the league and the Champions League. It will be tough. But we have to believe, and we do.

-Source: Mirror.

As a Chelsea fan, it's impossible not to like an attitude like that. We're not the best team in Europe, and I don't think we're the best team in England either, but that doesn't matter one bit. No matter what, we're Chelsea, and if the way we play annoys anyone else, that's their problem and not ours. And while I don't think highly of our chances in the league, that the players believe is important just in case a window does open up.

Andre Schurrle, you are cool.

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