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Liverpool 0 - Chelsea 2: Initial reaction and community rating form

Chelsea probably lost the title with their loss last week against Sunderland, but Jose Mourinho's side still did the double against Liverpool this season

Clive Brunskill

Chelsea went into Anfield, played a weakened lineup, and came away with three points that they thoroughly deserved. While they sat deep, played to frustrate their opponents, and wasted time at every available opportunity, they also had most of the games best chances, and never really looked likely to concede. Frankly, Liverpool were probably lucky not to lose by more than they did despite dominating the ball today.

While the win leaves Chelsea just two points behind Liverpool in the title chase, it's still hard to imagine they have much of a chance in that regard. Both City and Liverpool would need to drop three points in addition to Chelsea winning out for Mourinho's side to lift that trophy at season's end, and while possible, it's probably an unlikely scenario at best. The win did major damage to Liverpool's title hopes though, as City have the better GD at the moment, and winning out would make it impossible for Liverpool to finish ahead of them on points. Lol. Ha Ha. Teehee. Thoughts:

  • The first half really should have seen Chelsea with a trio of goals. While Flanagan's handball was clearly unintentional, it was still a penalty-worthy offense. Tomas Kalas also should have opened his Chelsea account just before Stevie G's gift.
  • Speaking of Stevie G, how fun will it be if that one slip is the defining moment that eventually costs Liverpool the title? Want that goof to be even better? It came during the added time for Chelsea wasting time throughout the first half.
  • Botched header aside, Tomas Kalas looked very, very good today. As much as playing loads of minutes at a smaller club is a good thing, training with Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea squad certainly isn't the worst possible scenario for a 20-year old defender.
  • Liverpool are still stuck on 96 goals after this one, which may well end their chances of breaking Chelsea's single-season goal scoring record. Yay.
  • Winning against good sides is just too much fun. We should do it again on Wednesday.

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