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Mourinho's next level mind games

Need to moisturize better.
Need to moisturize better.
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In a plot twist that'd befit even the cunningest of the most cunning evil henchmen in all the land, Jose Mourinho has not travelled with the Chelsea squad up to Liverpool.

Also known as "getting De Bruyne'd" Mourinho will now watch the match from a random hotel room at an undisclosed location inside of a giant extinct, but sure to erupt at the most opportune time for the plot, volcano.

It's like a scene out of Dodgeball, with ESPN8, The Ocho announcers Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks.

Cotton:  I'm being told that Chelsea's manager has not travelled with the squad to Liverpool.
Pepper:  It's bold strategy, Cotton.  Let's see if it pays off for them.

Cotton:  In 23 years of broadcasting, I've never seen anything like this.  The manager has dropped himself from the squad!
Pepper:  He's not going to be able to manage very well this way, Cotton.

So, panic?

Oh, well, carry on then. Nothing to see here, just some common sense.


Is Mourinho making this all about himself again?  Get out of the spotlight, you egomaniac!

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