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First target (more or less) achieved

Jamie McDonald

Back in the before times -- before Chelsea first became title favourites (according to the press, at least) then coughed up their advantage for no reason -- Jose Mourinho was adamant that the club's most important target in the 2013/14 season was to finish somewhere in the top four.

With Everton losing at St. Mary's thanks to two comedy own goals, that target has been more or less certainly secured. The Toffees can match Chelsea's points total should they win out and we take zero points from our next three matches, but they would have to make up a 20-strong goal differential gap, which is unlikely to the point where you can probably start betting organs that it's over.

Sure, the big goal -- the Premier League title -- is probably out of reach, but at least we never had the stress of a top-four battle to deal with in the season's closing stages. It's an improvement.

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