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Don't get too attached to your Hazard #17 shirt

Shaun Botterill

On this week's edition of Chelsea TV's Friday Night Live show, host Gigi Salmon was joined by two of Chelsea's best, Eden Hazard and Nemanja Matić.  It was an interesting contrast, Hazard the natural showman - though a bit subdued perhaps in part due to his injury - right next to Matić the soft-spoken gentle giant, careful of his every movement, lest he accidentally squash somebody's pet chihuahua.

Hazard did come alive for the table football segment, whereupon after getting initially crushed by Nemanja, he invented new rules like no scoring from behind the center line.  And when he still lost in sudden death overtime, he was none too pleased - something that's sure to warm the cockles of José Mourinho's heart as he tries to instill a winning mentality into his squad.

One of the callers into show expressed his hope of Hazard carving out a legacy similar to Gianfranco Zola's at Chelsea and asked the 23-year-old Belgian about his shirt number.  Here's (part of) what Hazard had to say in return.

The #10 shirt has stood empty since Juan Mata left in January and presumably, with nothing standing in his way, Hazard will make the switch this summer.  So, all you who were predicting this eventuality, give yourself a pat on the back.  And all those who were about to buy a new Hazard shirt, maybe hold off on it for a few months.  After all, nobody associates Drogba with #15.

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