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Oscar planning to emulate Terry and Lampard in Chelsea longevity

Jamie McDonald

One of the blessings of a club being both rich and successful -- thanks, Mr. Abramovich -- is that we don't really have to worry about our stars bolting for pastures new. It's pretty easy to be loyal to a club that can pay you as much as everyone else and is regularly in the hunt for trophies, which is why we have so many long-serving players at Chelsea.

And it's also why we shouldn't get stressed out whenever the likes of Paris Saint-Germain sniff around after our Oscars:

The two years have been unbelievable for me. I think next year will be the same for me and Chelsea. I want to stay here for many years like Terry and Lampard have. Chelsea is such a big club and every year we try to win titles. I like this so much.

-Oscar. Source:

In order to lure a regular starter away from Chelsea, you have to be willing to a) offer us enough money to make it worthwhile b) be competing at a comparable level and c) offer wages the club wouldn't be willing to match. Which is why it's funny whenever people like Oscar get linked to a move -- if he plays at his potential he'll be here for a long, long time. And if he really wants to copy John Terry and Frank Lampard, he'll end up performing at a world-class level for years.

I'd take that.

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