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Andreas Christensen's camp not too keen on a loan

Steve Bardens

Despite being more than handsomely compensated - though quite likely at a rate below £20,000/week - Andreas Christensen isn't willing to let his career stagnate.  Safe to say, that's an admirable aim and one that is no doubt shared by the Chelsea decision-makers.  Still, Christensen's father and advisor has seen fit to send a warning to Chelsea through Danish media channels.

"We are forced to think about Andreas' future and progress. From our point of view, something needs to happen after the summer."

"Whether it is in the first-team squad or something different, we have to consider. He should not spend one or two years where he stagnates. Andreas will not go on loan."

-Sven Christensen; source: BT via Sky Sports

While it's a bit silly to equate a loan with automatic stagnation, with examples like Josh McEachran or Victor Moses, it's fairly easy to see where the father's concerns are coming from.  At least he carefully avoided using the dreaded 'sale' word.

"I have talked to his coach Dermot Drummy, who said that Andreas is ready for the next step.  He would like to keep Andreas, but as he said, for Andreas to progress, he needs to take a step forward."

"Therefore, I need to have a meeting with Chelsea. In case they don't want to offload him, then they have got to do something to give him a challenge all the time.  It's a matter of his future progress as a footballer."

-Sven Christensen; source: BT via Sky Sports

Complicating the situation is the 18-year-old center back's home-grown status.  As his father also points out, Andreas has been at Chelsea for two years now.  A third would qualify him as fully home-grown, even if UEFA's eyes (i.e. "club trained").  A loan to an English or Welsh club would satisfy Premier League requirements.  He's halfway through his original deal, which is set to expire in 2016.

With Christensen ready and looking to take the next step - and I'm sure many would agree with the father's and Dermot Drummy's similar assessments of the highly talented defender - this could get interesting.

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