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Mourinho laughs off Manchester United link

Richard Heathcote
I left Real Madrid to specifically come to Chelsea ... no job would remove me from Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho is probably at his best when his back's against the wall, which might explain why he's such a big hit with Chelsea. He revels in the siege mentality, so does the team, and so do the fans. In a deeply grumpy press conference in which he didn't even bother hiding his disdain for the assembled media, Mourinho nevertheless laid down some gems for the supporters, whom he cares about far more than the columnists*.

*No word as to how he feels about supporters who blog, but I'd like to think we're cool.

The most newsworthy quote, of course, is the one ridiculing the link to the now-vacant Manchester United job, but there's some other great stuff in there too, specifically the bits about not giving a flying [fun] about anyone else because all he wants is what's best for the club and the supporters. He's right, too. The rest of football -- the FA and the [funs] proclaiming that a Liverpool title win would be one for the neutrals especially -- can go burn.

We have our club, our manager and our players. Who cares about good press?

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