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Report: Cesar Azpilicueta set for contract extension at over double the wages

Ya gotta get paid!

Dave heads the ball while playing the air violin.
Dave heads the ball while playing the air violin.
Mike Hewitt

Another £3000 grapevine special from the wizards at the Daily Mail, though this one's so obvious that even if it's just a random guess, it'll sound educated and more than plausible.

Cesar Azpilicueta will be rewarded for his excellent season with a new contract. [...] His current deal expires in 2017, but the new contract will see his wages improve to around £70,000 per week.

-source: Mail

Azpilicueta is two years into the original contract that he signed deep in the shadows of other illustrious post-Champions-League-win signings like Eden Hazard and Oscar.  Arriving mostly unheralded from Olympique Marseille, he commanded almost minimum first team salary: £30,000/week to the best of our understanding.  The new contract looks to more than double that and, assuming the standard five-year duration, will tie him to Chelsea until 2019.

Worth every penny.

In further bright news for Dave, the Spanish national team has seen fit to include him in the supremely cheesy video for their official World Cup song alongside Xavi, Iker Casillas, Diego Costa, and Jordi Alba.  The Spanish song is quite possibly even worse than Pitbull's effort for official World Cup song, but at least it looks like that Azpilicueta's call-up to and participation in the World Cup is basically guaranteed.

Worth every penny.

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