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Everyone gets charged by the FA!

Clive Brunskill

We knew that Ramires and Rui Faria would be in the FA sights after the Sunderland defeat, but it turns out that the book's been thrown at Jose Mourinho as well. Ramires has been charged with violent conduct after striking Seb Larsson, Rui Faria with two charges of 'non-standard' misconduct and Mourinho with calling into question the integrity of the referees, which is slightly alarming because it appears that the FA has worked out sarcasm.

Ramires will almost certainly be out for the rest of the domestic campaign -- I can't see the FA being lenient on him for the Larsson incident, even if he was somewhat provoked -- and I can't really see Rui Faria's punishment mattering to anyone not named Rui Faria. But Mourinho is a different story. Despite the referees being resolutely incompetent, you can't criticise them for some stupid reason, and Mourinho has been outspoken about how ridiculously poor the refs have been in the late stages of the campaign, something the FA won't look kindly on.

So it goes, I guess.

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