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Petr Cech ruled out for the season, Terry to miss second leg of semifinals

Mike Hewitt

We've had pretty good luck with injuries so far this season but now it's all coming back to bite us. Petr Cech and John Terry are out long-term after neither managed to complete the full 90 minutes against Atletico Madrid. Here's the manager bearing the bad news:

Petr Cech's season is over. Don't ask me to explain it technically, but it's over. With John, we'll have to play in the final for him to play with us again.


The Cech news means that Mark Schwarzer will be playing rather more football than he'd previously envisioned (and herald the return of one Henrique Hilario to our bench, which is... something, I guess). But the John Terry news is even more discomforting. Terry's been in excellent form all season and it hasn't exactly escaped attention that the captain's contract is about to wind down. We're going to have a difficult time getting past Atleti and into the final without him, but hopefully we can manage it. If not, and he doesn't end up agreeing a new deal, this might well be his last game for the club.

And that would suck a lot.

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