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Why Chelsea fans shouldn't stress out over the Mourinho to Manchester United rumours

Mike Hewitt

We knew this would happen, obviously. The media has been pushing the narrative that Jose Mourinho desperately wanted the Manchester United job only to be knocked back in favour of David Moyes since even before the Special One rejoined Chelsea last summer, and it was pretty clear that as soon as United ditched Moyes Mourinho's name would be thrown back out into the mix.

We're going to be hearing a lot of rumours from a lot of sources over the next few weeks until United instil a new permanent manager, and some of them are going to involve Mourinho. It would be insane for United not to try to get in touch with him over the vacancy -- he's one of the world's best managers, and they've learned that they need good management rather than random Scottish management -- and so we can expect to hear stories about club executives meeting with Mourinho's representatives. We can also expect stuff about how much Mourinho wants to manage at Old Trafford, since we've been hearing that nonsense forever.

What we will not hear is any cogent analysis of the situation. So let's give that a try here.

  1. Jose Mourinho's wages will not be significantly higher at Manchester United than they are at Chelsea
  2. Jose Mourinho is on a four-year contract
  3. Manchester United are out of the Champions League for at least one season
  4. Chelsea are better positioned to compete for trophies than United, at least for the foreseeable future
  5. If the rumours that United snubbed Mourinho are true, then they've insulted an extremely egotistical man
  6. Mourinho is likely to favour Manchester United's dictator-management structure over Chelsea's Director of Football/First Team Coach system.

There is one thing going for United there and five things against, the most important of which are points one and two. Mourinho's on enormous wages and has more than three years left on the deal he signed in summer 2013. There's no particularly rational reason for him to want to leave; there's also no leverage for United to force him out of the club.

In other words, unless something really weird happens, chill out about the rumours. Of course Manchester United want our manager. He's one of the very best in the world. But we are Chelsea Football Club, and we don't have to give Manchester United whatever they want, whenever they want it.

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