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Chosen Ones, Special Ones and stability

Alex Livesey

David Moyes was always a ridiculous appointment at Manchester United, and the widely-spread story that the club overlooked Jose Mourinho only served to make it even funnier. If it was true, United's hierarchy chose a clearly inferior manager just because he was Scottish and Everton didn't get around to firing him for a decade perhaps the silliest selection criteria of all time; if it was false Manchester United thought that spreading the story would somehow make them look good.

And now David Moyes is out at Old Trafford, while Mourinho's tenure at Chelsea looks set to last for some time yet. As United are learning -- and as we've known for some time now -- stability is only ever a good thing when you have the right man for the job in place. It took less than a year after Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement for them to work it out. If only they'd dallied a little while longer and let the club implode further this summer!

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