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Nemanja Matic is the cool, calm center of this turbulant football universe

Slow walk that whip.
Slow walk that whip.
Mike Hewitt

A hurricane of anger, incompetence, and disappointment has been swirling around Stamford Bridge for a good 24 hours now. Everybody and everything's getting swept up in it; though not Mike Dean because even if the hurricane Ramires-slapped him in the face, he would miss it.

The calm center of this hurricane is undoubtedly Nemanja Matic.

"We did give our best but we were unlucky and we lost because of that."

"What was wrong? I don't know. We players and all the staff gave our best to win the game. We had some good chances to score for 2-1 but we didn't and then they got the penalty. I didn't see that situation very well. I have to see it on television one more time but this is football. It's not my job to comment if it was a penalty for them, or if it was a penalty for us in a few moments. We are players and we have to take care of only what we do in training or in games."

Drama? What drama? There is no drama. (There is only Zuul?) There is no them, there is only us.

"We are always focused. For us the next game is the most important. For us Sunderland was the most important game, we spoke about that before it."

"This is football and sometimes you have to lose, unluckily it's happened. Now we adjust the team's focus for the next game which is Atletico Madrid."

Like a giant, mythical spider-beast coming out of deep reflective meditation just for a moment, Matic dispenses his aura of cool, collected calm.

"I'm not going to play but of course it's going to be a difficult game because Atletico are a good team but we are Chelsea and the players will be prepared for that. We have to do our best to get a good result and to go to the final."

Yes, we are Chelsea. Chelsea is what we are.

Chelsea have thrown away so many excellent chances to win the Premier League this season, it's bordering on hilarious. Four of our six losses have come in spectacularly unlikely fashion: Aston Villa away, Crystal Palace away, Stoke City away, and of course Sunderland on Saturday. Depending on your predisposition, that should fill you with either extreme confidence for next season - take care of business against the crap teams and we're title shoo-ins - or extreme pessimism - how can we win the title if we can't even beat the crap teams?

But with level-headed players like Nemanja Matic, in addition to the sparkling talent at our disposition, it's hard not to be confident, whether that's for next season or the next game. Because we are Chelsea. Chelsea is what we are.

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