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How can we dance when our earth is turning; how do we sleep while our beds are burning?

Mike Hewitt

There is no anger.  There is only pain.



The first reaction is always to look for someone, something to blame.  But when there are so many to choose from, how can you even pick one?  Is there even a point?

There were the slips.  Should we blame Mark Schwarzer, pressed into action at the last minute, for letting the shot slip?  Should we blame John Terry, strong and steady all year, for letting Connor Wickham slip in for the rebound?  Should we blame Cesar Azpilicueta, our most consistently excellent player, for slipping first by accident then on purpose?

"The first point is to congratulate my players, they did everything they could. They fought, they played from the first to the last second and they deserve that [praise]. Sometimes we praise them when we win but I think it's fair to praise my players after a defeat."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

There were the yips.  Demba Ba, man of the moment, missed an open goal.  Branislav Ivanovic, man of crucial goals, missed on a wide open header.  Ramires, man of getting fouled by Seb Larsson and also man of insane stupidity, missed a wide open goal on a wide open header.

"Secondly, congratulations to Sunderland. It doesn't matter how or why, or in which way, they won, but they won. It was three fantastic points for them so I think it's fair to congratulate them."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

There were the grips.  Like I just want to grip Mike Dean's neck hand - matching the fingerprints I left in the armrest earlier - pull him in close, and... tell him just how fantastic he was in applying the rules of the game.  Golf clap that [ship].

"The third point is I want to congratulate [referee] Mike Dean. I think his performance was unbelievable and when referees have unbelievable performances I think it's fair, as managers, we give them this. It was a fantastic performance, he came here with one objective, the objective to make a fantastic performance, and he did that."

"The fourth point, I think it's also fair to congratulate Mike Riley, because he's the referees' boss, and what they are doing during the whole season is fantastic, especially in the last couple of months, and especially in the games which have involved teams in the title race. It's absolutely fantastic and I also congratulate him."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

And that's all just scratching the surface.  In the end, it's all too tiring.  As a fan, a loss like this consumes you.  As a player, I have no idea.  I hope it does whatever it needs to do to ensure that it doesn't happen again for at least another 77 home matches.

The funny part is should Liverpool or Manchester City slip up as well, we are back in that saddle, galloping with a firm, hopeful tailwind at our back.  Just another opportunity to choke away.

On Tuesday we go again.  Best we just concentrate on that, I think.

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