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WATCH: Chelsea's first team takes on... the under-eights?

So this is what you need to do right now: stop whatever it is that you were up to and click on this video. At We Ain't Got No History, we consider it vitally important that our readers are happy and frankly after watching this we don't see a way that's possible without having watched it in the first place. It is nirvana. We have transcended into a joyful and frolicksome realm where everything is adorable and fun.

Or if you want the prosaic description, this is what happens when, like, 30 eight-year-olds play an indoor football game against the first team. It's amazing and adorable and I wish it lasted far longer than 90 seconds.

PS: If John Terry and David Luiz ever get an assist like that in a real game I would have to go without trousers for some time.

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