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The Daily Hilario: His name is Holland, Steve Holland

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with extra Steve Holland.

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Clive Brunskill

Special Agent Double-Oh-Steve-Holland will be addressing the media instead of Jose today. Don't miss it, our triple dog super-secret sources understand that he will declare himself The IN-YO-FACE-PRESS One.

I started reading Robert Enke's biography a few days ago. It's really well written and fast paced and actually quite easy to read, but I can only read so much at a time because it's just so sad. Even the happy parts are sad because you know what's coming. There is an inescapable, underlying current of absolute sadness in the book. In any case, there was a study done on mental illness by FIFPro recently. Several PFAs from around the world participated. The results may shock you, they may surprise you, or they may not. After all, they are just human in the end. Just like you and I.

I've been watching Chelsea videos and playing indoor soccer (we won! Oh my god we won for the first time in like seven games!) most of the night, so that's all you're getting.

Bamfordinho's going to be on the televizzle tonight!

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
12.30: Jose Mourinho Steve Holland press conference (live)
17.15: Championship, 20th vs. 2nd: Blackpool vs. Burnley
19.30: La Liga, 1st vs. 15th: Atlético Madrid vs. Elche
19.30: Ligue 1, 4th vs. 14th: ASSE vs. Rennes
19.30: Championship, 19th vs. 3rd: Doncaster Rovers vs. Derby County

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