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Wenger whines about Chelsea, again

Paul Gilham

Chelsea have a Champions League semifinal against Atletico Madrid coming up, the two legs of which neatly sandwich themselves around what looks like a title-deciding clash at Anfield. Since the first leg is in Madrid on Tuesday and we'd previously been scheduled for a Sunday match against Sunderland, the Premier League did us a favour and moved that game to Saturday, in order to give the Blues an extra day of rest.

All pretty uncontroversial, right?


We never got any help on that front. Never. There is no written rule. When you speak to the Premier League, it is not the Premier League, it is the television companies who help, they decide who plays when and some clubs have maybe better introductions with television companies.

We never had and we never tried to influence the decision of Sky or any other company. If you want to know more, you look at the teams who have been protected since the start of the season and the teams who had the biggest rest between games. You will see and you come to your own conclusions. I don't question the objectivity of the television companies, but sometimes their choices don't look very rational.

-Arsene Wenger. Source: Mail.

I love this man so much. Please never leave us, Arsene -- if you do Arsenal might just find themselves making deep runs into Europe, at which point the Premier League might just help them out.

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