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Jose Mourinho set to skip another presser

Chris Brunskill

Jose Mourinho is set to stiff the media once again by handing press conference duties off to assistant manager Steve Holland. This will, for those counting (which do not include me) be the third straight presser that the Special One has elected to ignore, which probably has something to do with the FA fining him over his actions during the then-crippling 1-0 loss at Villa Park.

It's a bit of a shame for us, because watching Mourinho take press conferences is the closest we ever get to Having Fun Doing Real Journalism, but I'm sure the manager has better things to do than being asked about various equine metaphors and whether or not Chelsea can possibly win the title. I'm sure the Real Journalists of the media are preparing more Liverpool love-fest pieces in response to the insult, because hey that's what they like to do.

Four more games.

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