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Christensen's camp hits back after Mail attack on Chelsea starlet

Steve Bardens

If you were paying attention to the Daily Mail yesterday evening, you'll have come across a hit piece on Chelsea's youth policy penned by none other than Neil Ashton, who highlights one player in particular to pick on: Andreas Christensen.

While sensationalist headlines tend not to be the responsibility of the writer, Ashton doesn't mince his words, injecting a substantial moral element into his piece.

[Christensen] earns £20,000 a week and has not made a first team appearance. Something, somewhere, is going wrong when youth team players are walking around with that kind of money.

The problem? I'll let Andreas Christensen's father explain:

It is completely out of proportion, what the Daily Mail has written about Andreas' salary. It is tasteless and very far from reality. Yes, it's bad, nowhere near what Andreas makes at Chelsea.

-Source: Ekstra Bladet (Google translation).

Sten Christensen goes on to suggest that Ashton's piece stems from a grudge against Chelsea, which if you've followed Ashton's career seems more than a little bit plausible. Obviously, Christensen is well compensated compared to pretty much everyone on the planet, but if you're going to attack a young man for making a lot of money (which is frankly already dubious moral ground), surely it would be a good idea to make sure you know how much money they make?

And, if we're just allowed to make up numbers now, well... I for one think that something's going wrong when Ashton makes £3,000 per column. That's just disgusting.

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