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The Luke Shaw saga will end before the World Cup

Richard Heathcote

Chelsea's perceived need for a new left back has steadily diminished over the course of this season, mostly thanks to the realisation that Cesar Azpilicueta is perfectly capable of playing at an elite level no matter which flank he happens to be patrolling. But it's still perfectly arguable that we'll need help next season, with Ashley Cole set to ride off into the sunset, and so we're still involved -- if at this point rather tangentially -- with the rumours swirling around Southampton prodigy Luke Shaw.

The £30 million rated defender is probably going to be talked about a fair amount over the next few months, but we're not going to have to put up with transfer rumours lasting all summer, if the Guardian are to be believed. The paper are claiming that the teenager will be able to choose between pretty much all of Europe's big clubs, but Manchesters City and United are probably his more likely destinations. Still, Shaw's a Chelsea fan and Chelsea are Shaw fans and we're probably going to be involved in the conversation until he announces he'll be staying at Southampton in early June, which is my totally uninformed guess as to how this ends up going down.

At this point, I have no interest in spending an obscene money on a young fullback who is not a measurable upgrade on our current starter, potential or no.

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