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The Daily Hilario: Matchweek 34 cont'd

You daily dose of off-topic shenanigans, but today, mostly Liverpool vs. Manchester City.

And the winner of the pursed lips challenge is...
And the winner of the pursed lips challenge is...
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Here we go then with the pursed lips challenge a potential title decider at Anfield.

If City come away with all three points, I think we can pretty much just give it to them. A draw would make things a bit trickier for all involved (though still, advantage: City), while a Liverpool win would put Chelsea back in the hunt as well. So if you can find it within yourself to root for the Reds, just this once, feel free to join me. Just to see how it feels. I promise, it won't be fatal. I've got plenty of disinfectant ready to go at the end.

In other news...

Relegation fight hots up; Wigan screw themselves over | SB Nation
Saturday's action almost ended up glorious, but Wigan seemingly overthought the situation, made some poor substitutions, and then took some very bad penalty kicks in the shootout. Meanwhile, evil genius Felix Magath is actually making progress in his quest for the holy grail in Fulham.

Alan Pardew loses this round in his battle with local media | SB Nation
Coming Home Newcastle are simply running out of ways to express just how bad the Toon have been in 2014.

It turns out that when you have nothing to play for... | Bavarian Football Works
Then even the best play like crap. Ancelotti must be watching this with a gleam in his eye.

Could this finally be the (spiritual) successor to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri? | Polygon
Civ Beyond Earth coming this fall. While Firaxis no longer owns the IP to Alpha Centauri, this new game sure sounds like a successor to the greatest Civ-style game ever.

Excessive daytime napping might be a useful marker for underlying health risk | io9
Basically, if you have to sleep during the day, you're going to die a horrific, early death. Trust me, I read the abstract.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
13.37: Premier League, 1st vs. 3rd: Liverpool vs. Manchester City
14.00: Serie A, 12th vs. 5th: Sampdoria vs. Internazionale
16.07: FA Cup, semifinal: Hull City vs. Sheffield United
16.07: Premier League, 15th vs. 2nd: Swansea City vs. Chelsea (hey, that's us!)
18.00: La Liga, 18th vs. 1st: Getafe vs. Atlético Madrid
20.00: Ligue 1, 5th vs. 1st: Olympique Lyonnais vs. PSG

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