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Demba Ba confirms impending Chelsea exit, wants to join PSG

Mike Hewitt

The French have a saying, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" - the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Demba Ba may have scored the most important goal of his career and Chelsea's season* on Tuesday, but that does not change the fact that he is ready to move on from Chelsea in the summer with two years still remaining on his contract.

* The always excellent Joe Tweeds of Plains of Almería argues that Tuesday's win was a defining victory for Mourinho's New Guard, showing that Jose's Project is about to start bearing fruit.  Just as he planned.

A couple weeks ago, Ba confirmed that his agent was exploring various destinations.  Staying in the Premier League or moving to Italy were brought up as possibilities, but another option that remains close to his heart is going back to his hometown and the club he fancied as a boy growing up in the suburbs of Paris.

"I'm looking to leave Chelsea. I want to play the full 90 minutes, get the maximum number of games and enjoy myself. I've not done that very much this season, and I doubt things will change for me here."

"I could well imagine myself at PSG. That is even though they have taken on a new dimension, and seem to be looking for international stars in the £50million bracket rather than steady ­performers costing £10m.  But if PSG are looking for someone to play alongside Zlatan, then I'm their man.  They will win the Champions League sooner or later, and not just the one time."

"Jose Mourinho has never ­explained his decisions to me. I am honestly surprised that I have been this patient. Earlier in my career I would have cracked up or blown a fuse.  My friends Eden Hazard and Samuel Eto'o have been ­important. They told me not to give up."

"But Chelsea are at the top of the pyramid. If I leave them I mustn't make a mistake."

-Demba Ba; source: Mirror

Oh ok, I guess we'll just have to trade him for Edinson Cavani.  It would only be fair - if Ba were to join PSG now, he'd just find himself playing a similar third fiddle as at Chelsea.

In all seriousness, Ba could certainly do a lot worse than hanging out with The Zlatan as his next career move.  And since PSG are the nouveau riche Chelsea, perhaps they're just looking to emulate our policy of signing players who have done well against us.

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