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Relive the PSG win with a fun montage

Are you sick of feeling happy over the Paris Saint-Germain win yet? No, good, because the above is a fun little montage that hits all the key points. Especially the PSG reaction to beating us 3-1 in Paris, which is way way way more amusing now than it was this time last week.

NB: One of the many joys about following Chelsea is the thriving Youtube community. Montages, previews, player highlights? Not many teams have the same sort of global following as Chelsea, and we're lucky that the likes of Feroze17 (and everyone else) are around to give us such great material. Cheers y'all!

Demba Ba's goal will never ever stop making me smile. Neither will the celebrations at the end of the match. It's only the quarterfinals, but any comeback like this is worth enjoying for a long, long time.

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