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Jose Mourinho fined, warned as FA wrap up Aston Villa case

Chris Brunskill

If I were fined £8,000 for misconduct, I'd be kind of screwed. Jose Mourinho, on the other hand... well, he can afford it. Which is why it's good that he got fined and I didn't -- the FA has finally resolved the leftovers from the defeat at Aston Villa by fining the manager for re-entering the field of play, as well as issuing a warning over his future conduct. I'm 100 percent positive that this will have a major effect on Mourinho's future conduct.

Here's the FA statement:

Mourinho denied a breach of FA Rule E3 in that his behaviour in re-entering the field of play and approaching the Match Referee in an attempt to speak to him, in or around the 90th minute of the game against Aston Villa on 15 March 2014, amounted to improper conduct.

However, the charge was found proven at a personal hearing on Wednesday 9 April.

Number of [funs] Mourinho gave during that hearing? Zero, I'd imagine.

Meanwhile, in a universe in which justice was served, Chris Foy would be forced into stocks in front of Stamford Bridge and have vegetables thrown at him by Willian for several hours. In our universe, sadly, he's still a Premier League referee. Booooooo.

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