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Atletico Madrid can't afford Courtois fee if they draw Chelsea

It's time to cross your fingers and hope to draw Atletico Madrid

Angel Martinez

Earlier this evening we had word that Chelsea would potentially be making a large sum of cash if they drew Atletico Madrid on Friday. Now we're starting to here just how insanely large that figure is, and what Atletico are thinking:

That's a big chunk of change for a club with revenue issues, and it would be a difficult decision for Atleti to make should Chelsea's name come out of the bowl. At the moment, it sounds as if that price would be too steep for the Spanish side if that matchup were to happen.

I'm sure Atletico are crossing their fingers at this point that they draw anyone but Chelsea, while most Chelsea fans are probably praying that they manage to draw Thibaut Courtois' club. Either way, Friday morning should be fun.

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