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Edinson Cavani sends mixed transfer messages

Antoine Antoniol

Did you miss transfer rumour season? Because it's back now!

We’ll see at the end of the season. We have to finish the season first. I am in Paris, but there are certainly things we must talk about with the club, things should be done differently.

Chelsea were interested, but the only thing that matters in the transfer window is spending money, just like Palermo did in 2009, Napoli in 2011 and PSG did last summer. PSG showed real desire and determination to include me in their project. When you see how much they invested in me, it is proof that they really want me.

-Source: L'Equipe via Evening Standard.

I'm pretty sure this is not an April Fool's Day prank. If it is, it means the media has learned subtlety, and if that's true we're all doomed. So, going with the assumption that these quotes are real, here's what to make of them:

  1. The rumours that Cavani is unhappy at being played out of position at PSG are true. "Things should be done differently" isn't exactly mincing words.
  2. Cavani is open to a move away from the Parc des Princes, and he seems interested in coming to Chelsea.
  3. He's also completely open to staying with PSG -- these quotes imply that he's not going to be forcing anything even if there is some unhappiness.

Mixed messages, in other words. And definitely a situation to keep an eye on, even if you shouldn't get your hopes up.

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