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The Daily Hilario: April Fools'; Champions League quarterfinals begin

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now without extra foolishness because April Fools' is dumb.

What up, Tiago?
What up, Tiago?
David Ramos

Is there a dumber thing than April Fools' Day? A designated day for stupid pranks! Rejoice.

In other news...

Mariners win on opening day for the eighth year in a row | Lookout Landing
Obviously they're going to win the World Series just like the previous seven years.

Coolest photo or coolest photo? Definitely coolest photo.

I'd love to go to Australia, but then shit like this happens | SB Nation
Is there anything in Australia that isn't going to kill you? How do you people even survive there?

The new inquest into Hillsborough begins | SB Nation
You should read this because a) it's important and b) Andi Thomas wrote it.

The best pastries in the world | Floor Cookies
My mother is trying her hand at blogging about baking/cooking and other general awesomeness. These pastries are the bomb.

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
19.45: Champions League, quarterfinal first leg: Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich
19.45: Champions League, quarterfinal first leg: Barcelona vs. Atlético Madrid

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