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Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Second Half Thread

Mike Hewitt

Football is the worst.

Within the first five minutes, Chelsea really should've been up 2-0.  Samuel Eto'o, within the opening seconds was clean through on goal, skipped around Lloris and got promptly taken out by the goalkeeper.  Red card, Spurs down to 10, right?  Wrong.  Eto'o was called offside.  Wrongly, I might add.  Quite wrongly.

Football is the worst.

Just a few minutes later, it was Eden Hazard who was clean through.  He skipped around Lloris, and as the empty net awaited, wrapped his right foot around the ball.  Goal all day, every day, right?  Wrong.  Torres'd.  Mourinho disbelieving on the sidelines, along with everybody else.

Should've, should've, should've.  Football is the worst.

The rest of the half has been a chippy, kicky affair, neither team doing all that great with possession.  Surprisingly only two players have been yellow carded so far.  Chelsea are still looking for that quick counter that got us those opening two opportunities, but they haven't come off quite as well since.

Still, 0-0 is not the end of the world.  Time to step it up in the second half.

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