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Could Fernando Torres be heading to Inter Milan this summer?

Jamie McDonald

The nice thing about Inter Milan, I suppose, is nobody really knows how rich and/or how crazy their new ownership is just yet. Having agreed to pull in Nemanja Vidic from Manchester United this summer, Inter have established themselves as a club which is trying to make big splashes. And that means they're going to be the subject of some pretty interesting rumours. Like, say, that they're going to buy Fernando Torres for £20 million.

It's difficult to get a handle on the veracity of this story, because we don't know how serious Inter are in reestablishing themselves as a force in Italy and Europe. It's entirely possible that the Nerazzurri could both have the financial resources to pay Torres and the lack of wisdom to recognise that said resources would be best spent elsewhere. It's also possible that they're being used as random rumour fodder by the tabloids, because nobody has a handle on what they'll actually be doing just yet.

From Chelsea's perspective, however, ditching Torres for £20 million is a no-brainer. It would wipe out the remaining sum left on his amortised transfer fee and get his mammoth wages off the books, freeing up enough money for the Blues to go after a more capable spearhead this summer. Even if you're a Fernando Torres believer, there's no arguing with those figures.

My guess, for whatever that's worth, is that Inter are not in fact this crazy. But, you never know.

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