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Defensive duo missing for Tottenham, but Eden Hazard is fit

Scott Heavey

There doesn't exist a universe in which Eden Hazard going off injured during an international friendly doesn't arouse some combination of fear and wrath inside our collective hearts. But if it turns out he's fit and fine to play a few days later... well maybe we won't need to burn down FIFA HQ after all. Here's Jose Mourinho with an update:

Hazard is good, we have some other problems, we don't know if they can recover, but Hazard looks good, no problem.


Sepp Blatter, you're safe. For now...

But wait, other problems?

Unfortunately [Ashley Cole] got an injury in training yesterday and he's one of the players that is out for tomorrow. It's a lateral ligament injury, impossible for him to play tomorrow and we would say between eight and 10 days.

Ok, still not FIFA's fault.

[David Luiz] was injured with us, he missed some important matches, for example he wasn't ready for the Galatasaray game. He goes to the national team and comes back injured


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