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Chelsea vs Tottenham: You choose the squad

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Here's your chance to show Jose Mourinho how to rotate the squad properly

Jamie McDonald

Saturday brings a big fixture for Chelsea, as they host Tottenham Hotspur without AVB at the helm. It will be a huge match for both clubs, as a victory for Chelsea would put the Blues seven points clear at the top of the Premier League table, while a victory for Spurs gives them some realistic hope of finishing in the top four this season.

It's hard to imagine Jose Mourinho will name anything less than a full strength squad, especially after there was no Chelsea game during the middle of the week. There's also no midweek game upcoming, as Mourinho's men have nothing but dispatching Tottenham to focus on before next weekend's tie with Aston Villa.

Please take the time to submit your preferences, not worrying about what you expect Jose Mourinho to do. After you've filled out the attached form, feel free to discuss your selection in the comments section below, and look over the results by clicking this link.