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The Daily Hilario: Barry, hit the lights, it's international friendlies time!

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with all the international friendly action you could possibly handle.

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Richard Heathcote

Road Trip was/is such an underrated movie.

In other news...

I just bought FM2014 for less than $14 | GreenManGaming
It was time to bite the bullet, now that the third patch is out and the price hit the low teens. Valid only today (March 5, going by USA time I'm assuming), head over to GMG (my referral link if you want to credit us both $2 is this one: GMG) to purchase the key, which you then take to Steam to unlock & download. There's also a 20% code - thanks to Slickdeals - which lowers the price to the aforementioned sub-14 level. Now I only have to download all the usual SortItOutSI improvements (graphics packs and the real name fix) and we'll be ready to rock & roll. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll have the distinct privilege of following my adventures (first game is always Chelsea) in DH updates. A privilege, I says! A distinct privilege! Shut up.

Against the Wind | WSJ
Here's a quite pretty, yet ultimately shallow feature from the Wall Street Journal on that epic America's Cup race from last year. Sadly, you get much more actual detail by simply reading the Wikipedia entry.

Fútbol: The Beautiful Game | LACMA
If I'm not mistaken, that's Samuel Eto'o being used to advertise this art exhibition. Anybody know anything more about this? Anybody actually in LA and has gone to see it?

BY LALAS'S BEARD! | SB Nation Longform
First-hand accounts of (and from) the US Men's National Team & USA '94. Coincidentally, one of my favorite writers/football people Roger Bennett is doing a similar oral history over on ESPN (Part 1, Part 2) It's an oral historyoff!

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
17.00: International Friendly: South Africa vs. Brazil
18.00: EURO U21 Qualifying: England U21 vs. Wales U21
19.00: International Friendly: Romania vs. Argentina
19.00: International Friendly: Ukraine vs. USA
19.45: International Friendly: Germany vs. Chile
19.45: International Friendly: Belgium vs. Ivory Coast
20.00: International Friendly: France vs. Netherlands
20.00: International Friendly: England vs. Denmark
21.00: International Friendly: Spain vs. Italy
01:30 (next day): International Friendly: Mexico vs. Nigeria

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