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Another year, another Czech Player of the Year Award for Petr Cech

Čech wins the award for the sixth straight year and seventh time overall. Arsenal's Tomáš Rosický finished a presumably distant second, while Freiburg's Vladimír Darida took the proverbial bronze.

David Ramos

Thibaut Courtois may be winning awards left, right, front, center, in Spain, in Belgium, and probably on Mars as well, but Petr Čech is no slouch in that department either and he's been at it for much longer than the brashly confident young man has.  In fairness, Čech tends to have somewhat worse competition for these things.

"It never gets boring regardless that it is for the first or seventh time.  It is always appreciation of my work and further motivation especially as it comes from the people who follow football very closely."

"Apart of a few exceptions I kept my performances at the same high level. There were matches when I made mistakes, but not many."

-Petr Čech; source: UEFA

And speaking of confidence...

"I would like to warn those of you who might be bored and tempted to switch TV channels at the sight of me standing here again: I am going to try hard to win it again next season."

-Petr Čech; source: UEFA

He's certainly not going to do that just by sitting on the bench behind Courtois.  Challenge: issued.  The gloves are off!  Well, not really; they kind of need those.

Congrats Big Pete!

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