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Southampton having financial problems -- but don't get your hopes up on Shaw

Richard Heathcote

If you've been following today's rumours, you'll have noticed that every neutral's favourite mid-table club is having some financial difficulties at present. And since Southampton are packed full of young, supremely promising talent -- some of whom have been heavily linked to Chelsea in the past -- it's pretty easy to imagine the club hovering, vulture-like, above St. Mary's, just waiting to swoop.

But... don't get your hopes up about a fire sale or anything. And not just because the Saints are cute and that it would be kind of distasteful.

Of course it's a burden, but it's a burden that has to be covered and will be covered...

...The most important point is that we are in a position where we do not need to sell any player Mauricio [Pochettino] wants to keep.

-Southampton director Hans Hofstetter. Source: BBC.

In other words, there will be no panic selling. I'm sure that they'd sell the likes of Luke Shaw and James Ward-Prowse if an insanely high bid came in, but that's not the same as actively shopping them to cover financial difficulties. So no, we're not getting a bunch of shiny Southampton baubles on the cheap. Oh well -- I don't really think we need Shaw anyway.

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