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Don't feel too down after Palace, Gary...

Scott Heavey

It was pretty depressing being a Chelsea fan after the Crystal Palace game, and it was probably worse actually being a player. The defeat was a horrible blow for our chances of claiming the Premier League title this season -- and it might mark the end of the line entirely. That sentiment was shared by Gary Cahill:

If I'm totally honest probably, yes, that's certainly how I felt at the end of the game. It hurts losing any football match and it certainly hurt at the end of the game because we knew how vital three points would be. For us to not get them is very damaging.


It's hard not to feel sorry for them after two losses in three games, especially following that great stretch we'd had since defeat at the Britannia which put us in pole position to claim the title. But at the same time, are we not a little proud with how far the team has come? We've done well enough to be disappointed to lose ground in the title race. So chin up, Gary -- we're not out of this yet and now we just need to keep on trucking and hoping things open up again.

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