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Palace defender praises Mourinho

Steve Bardens

Jose Mourinho might have presided over an embarrassing loss at Selhurst Park this weekend, but at least Crystal Palace's players admire him. I guess:

[After the loss at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho] came into our changing room and told us: 'If you guys keep that spirit and work-rate, you're not going to go down. "Did that come back to bite him? Yes, for sure! But fair play to him. He came into our changing room again, congratulated us, popped his head in and said 'well done.' That was nice.

It would've been easy for him to try and say something to take the heat off his own team but he's a good guy. I admire him.

-Damien Delaney. Source: ESPN.

It's pretty easy to paint Mourinho as a horrible, self-serving person, but he's always seemed like he's a pretty decent guy when unprovoked, and this paints him in a pretty positive light. Unlike everything else that happened last weekend, I mean. I bet someone could paint some sort of ulterior motive here, but I'm not seeing much of one -- this is just Mourinho being a gracious loser. Unexpected, but nice. Ish.

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